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ReCrystallize Pro
Web Publishing Wizard for Crystal Reports

Now supports Crystal Report 9.0

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ReCrystallize Pro is a companion product for Crystal ReportsTM, the industry's leading PC-based reporting tool from Crystal Decisions.  Use ReCrystallize Pro to quickly create Active Server Pages for your reports. 

ReCrystallize slashes the development time and learning curve involved in publishing your Crystal Reports on the web with Active Server Pages.  

With ReCrystallize Pro, you can make your Crystal Reports available on your intranet or extranet, providing user-specific information to your managers, customers, sales force and employees.

Whether you have dozens of reports or you're just getting started, ReCrystallize Pro helps you to leverage your investment in Crystal Reports.  

Want more power,  customization, flexibility, and security for your web reports without using Crystal Enterprise?  Using the options you choose, ReCrystallize Pro creates all the web pages (including JavaScript or ASP code) needed to run your Crystal Reports on the web.   If your report requires parameters, ReCrystallize Pro can set them automatically or create a web page to gather the required information from your users before running the report.

Since ReCrystallize Pro produces all the code needed to run your report, no programming is required. However, you are free to modify the web pages that ReCrystallize Pro creates in order to customize the appearance or behavior of your report.

Sme of the options available in ReCrystallize Pro include

For more information reveiw the ReCrystallize Getting Started guide.

Download a trial of ReCrystallize Pro